Posted by on 18 Nov, 2015 in Blog, Fragmental

I’ll keep this one really brief.

Today is the day that we put our beloved little game up on Steam’s Greenlight page for all of you lovely people to vote for.

I’m not going to lie to you, this is proper squeaky bum time for all of us at Ruffian.



The last few months have saw us take a fairly basic, high level idea and slowly but surely turn it into one of the best couch play games we’ve played in a long, long time. That’s not us blowing smoke up our own arses, we genuinely think that what we’re working on is fantastic fun to play. It’s stupidly fast, it takes a fair bit of skill to get really good at, you constantly need to alter your tactics based on the weapon you have, the environment around and the weapon your opponents have as well as the environment around them too. It’s got that “one more game” desire about it too, which is always really hard to get when making a game. Basically, we’re loving working on it and we’re loving playing it even more, and we hope you would also like to play it sometime in the near future – if you do vote YES!


So, now it all comes down to you. If you could find it in your game loving heart to click on the link below, take a look at our trailer and then if you like it, VOTE YES for Fragmental!


We’ll all be your best pals, and you’ll have our undying love for eternity, cross our little Ruffian hearts. x