Posted by on 23 Nov, 2015 in Fragmental

Apologies, but we’re not going to post a dev focused blog today.

What’s that? “Fuckin boooooo” you say?

How very dare you! Take that back. Immediately. I’ll have you know we’re preparing something far better than a mere blog post. We’re getting ready to stream some live gameplay via Twitch for you all to see the game in action.


We’ve been testing out the setup for most of this afternoon, and it all seems to be working well. So, it’ll no doubt all go horribly wrong 2 minutes before we go live tomorrow.


When are we going to be streaming, and who will be at the end of the thumbs controlling our 4 colourful characters?


The Contenders

In descending order of pure unadulterated, you can’t teach this shit, Fragmental skills to pay the bills – I’m writing this, so I’m going right at the top, RIGHT!


  • Billy Thomson – Creative Director / Nitpicker – Fragmental callsign: “MrT”
  • Dave Hoare – Designer / Moar Design – Fragmental callsign: “HorzeyTheSpammer”
  • Gary Whitton – Animator / Artist – Fragmental callsign: “WhitWisZat”
  • Alex Porter – Coder / New Boy – Fragmental callsign: “BlueprintBoy”
  • Steve Banks – Lead Designer / Audio Designer – Fragmental callsign: “BanjoBanksy”
  • Martin Livingston – Designer / Production – Fragmental callsign: “GrannyLivingston”


DISCLAIMER – This order will likely cause a major disagreement on the team, and could well lead to a 6 man brawl in the studio. So if any fingers or thumbs are broken during the scrap, the final list may end up being shorter tomorrow afternoon.


The Time and Place

We’ll have the session up and running from 3pm to around 3.30pm GMT on Tuesday 24th November. You can watch it live here –

We hope you’ll pop over and watch us playing the game for a while – apologies in advance if you hear any sweary words. We’re a mix of Scottish and Irish on the Fragmental team, and try as we might, we’ve simply not got the best track record of being nice and polite, when we’re getting shot in the face with big guns…


Work In Progress

As you know, the game is on Greenlight right now and is very much a work in progress, but despite how rough around the edges some of the game is – mainly the visuals of some of the levels – we think it plays well enough to show people. So, we are putting our hands up and asking you not to judge the level of polish of the visuals, but we are pretty happy with the gameplay as it stands. It does everything we had hoped for when we first started work on the prototype a few months back.


Finally, if you haven’t given us a Yes vote on Steam Greenlight yet, click on the link at the top of the post and give us your support, we’d really appreciated it. :)