Posted by on 18 Mar, 2016 in Fragmental

We’re going to Comic-con baby!

San Diego here we come! Wooooo!



Ah, not quite. Still, Birmingham is sunny right?!


Meet the Team

Personally I’m gutted not to be going. I’ve been to a few comic-con’s myself, and the chance to go and exhibit at one would have been fantastic. But life gets in the way, so while I’m off doing other things, anyone who visits booth 882 in Birmingham will have the dubious pleasure of meeting some of the other guys in the team:

Billy Thomson: Baldy, sweary, cuddly Scotsman and also our Creative Director at Ruffian, so I probably shouldn’t have said those things. But given that most of them also refer to me, I guess I’m safe.

Dave Hoare: Designer. Irish. Inventor of some of our most enduring and creative soundbyte insults during internal office playtesting. To be fair, he’s also made way more levels in Fragmental than any of the rest of us, so if you enjoy the game, a lot of it is thanks to him. If you go along to our booth, please call him Ratweasel.

Bert McDowell: Senior Coder. Makes things work, and tells us how, even though it’s usually above our heads. Interesting trivia #1: Bert likes a night in the pub with friends so much, there are actually weekly nights out in Dundee & Glasgow named after him – “Bert Wednesdays”. Worryingly, that is 100% true.


Promo Material & Merchandise

One of the happy side-effects of taking our game to shows and expos is that we end up with some nice things to beautify our office. And holy crap do we need it. There’s a reason we affectionately refer to our office as the “Ruffi-bunker”.

So now we have two free standing banners, and pretty sleek they look too. Personally I‘d like us to get two more to complete the set of 4 different player coloured characters, but that’s why I’m not in charge of finance.




The t-shirts are another new addition, you can never have too much merchandise. The hat is Steve’s own, and the Nerf guns have been kicking around the office for a while now. Shame we lost all the bullets years ago.


MCM Comic-con Birmingham

Back to Comic-con then. Last year’s event had almost 35,000 people attend, so this will be by far the largest audience we’ve had for Fragmental. By a factor of about 100! The MCM events are a great mix of TV & film celebrities, independent comic artists, cosplay, and games. While America leads the way with their internationally renowned San Diego and New York Comic-cons, the UK is rapidly catching on to the popularity of these festivals of all things previously considered ‘geek’, and bringing it out into the mainstream.


This is the next step in our plan to ramp up public awareness of Fragmental. We’ve done a few smaller, local events, and will continue to do these, however there comes a time when we have to think bigger, and that time is now. Once we’ve seen how well MCM Birmingham goes, we’ll solidify plans for the events we want to attend over the next few months.

Again, I really wish I was going to this. I can’t imagine anything better than seeing Kryten from Red Dwarf, Hannah from S-club 7, a full size chaos space marine, and Deadpool playing a 4-player game of Fragmental. Check the MCM Birmingham website, it could happen. Someone please make it happen…