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So last Saturday we took Fragmental on the road again, all the way up to Dundee University Students Union to attend Dee Con 2016 (basically it’s about a 5 minute walk from our office).

It was great to get a chance to see people play Fragmental and get some feedback on their first experiences with it.

It didn’t take long before we had an epic 4 player Deathmatch from the cast of cosplayers walking around the event. Watching Mario vs Waluigi vs Fallout’s Vault Boy vs someone’s Dad is the perfect scenario for some Fragmental madness.

Once they got to grips with the controls they were killing themselves in no time!

Then once they stopped killing themselves,  discovered what each weapon does, they started to really enjoy it (even killing yourself in Fragmental can be fun… well for those watching at least!)

We were setup in the Liar bar in Dundee Union, in among the best of the best multiplayer fighting games around today. Street Fighter 5 and Super Smash Bros for the WiiU took centre stage as we shared the area with the Dundee Gaming Society guys.

They had various competitions running throughout the day which meant that when folk were waiting to compete they could check out our little indie title. We essentially became the “Fluffer” for the fighting games, which was fine by us.

Throughout the day we got a great mix of people playing Fragmental, and sharing their thoughts on the game.

One person asked “Is this another Early Access Game?” to which I quickly jumped in to defend the notion an Early Access game is a bad thing, knowing only too well how the word “Early Access” has been tarnished over the last few years.

It’s a shame that this is the case; I’ve played tons of Early Access games that can stand right up next to their AAA counterparts.

Games like Darkest Dungeon, The Long Dark, Nidhogg, The Culling, Gang Beasts and of course Fragmental. The label “Early Access” shouldn’t be considered a negative thing, some of these developers are creating some amazing gaming experiences.

Although I do share in some of his complaints. I’ve played some games that have been in Early Access forever, feeling like they’ve never evolved… I’m looking at you DayZ!

So I had a Reggie Fils-Aime moment and told him to “Play the Game”, so he did and… he enjoyed it.


Reggie loves Fragmental

Overall Dee Con was a great chance for us Ruffians to showcase what we’ve been working on and how much fun Fragmental is, if you haven’t already bought the game then (you’re dead to me) you should.

We’ve got Update 2 coming in the next couple of weeks containing 16 new maps (13 Deathmatch and 3 Survival), Team Deathmatch and Game Setup options allowing players to change the number of Frags per game. We’ll be continuing to update the game with extra Maps, Game Modes, AI and Online play coming in future updates.


Get Fragmental here: