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We’ve just made Update 2 live on Steam!


It’s been 4 weeks since our last Update, so we’re currently a little behind our planned schedule, but I promise it will have been worth the wait!

While Update 1 added new Weapons & Modifiers, this Update is a bit heavier in content, providing new Maps, Game Setup configuration options, and a new team based Game Mode.


New Game Mode

Team Deathmatch

Now you can team up to Frag your enemies. Or more likely, argue with your Teammate as you realise that friendly fire is most definitely a clear and present danger!

Fragging your Teammate loses your Team a Frag, so don’t just spray bullets randomly or you might end up taking more backward than forward steps on the road to victory.


New Standard Maps

Boxed In

One of the tightest Maps in the game. The combination of windows and doors mean Rounds never last long here.


A high noon shootout, wait for the walls to drop and don’t get an itchy trigger finger.

Prison Architect

Don’t be introverted here, run to the middle to fight!

Shooting Gallery

Moving platform action where you can be fragged from any angle.

Knuckle Duster

Curved walls everywhere mean you’re never safe from bouncing projectiles.

Death Track

A racetrack loop with deadly spectators ready to join the action at the press of a button…

Ball Pit

So. Many. Balls.

Nae Dice

Lots of movement on this Map, try bouncing shots off the outside ring for skill frags.

Grassy Knoll

This is all about deflecting shots off walls, or threading the needle down the centre.

Window Pains

Remember you can shoot through windows. There’s lots here to take advantage of.

Standing Stones

It looks like Stonehenge? Really? Hadn’t noticed.


A large battlefield with irregular walls for unexpected ricochets and perfect aim long range shots.

Death Valley

Careful of the gaping chasm in the centre of this map.


New Survival Maps

Lazer Maze

This room hates you. The floor moves and the walls are deadly.


An evil Billiards inspired table with added laser death.

Parkour Punching

Aerial jousting with 4 platforms and 1 Jump Pad.


Game Setup Configuration Options

Something we’ve noticed during demos, and also something that has been requested on our Steam Discussions board, is to allow the Player to define the number of Frags that are required to win a Match.

Despite only needing 20 frags to win a Match as it stands, we’ve seen people play the game and have their Match go upwards of 70 Rounds. So yes, well done general public, you’re definitely right on this one. There are some other high level Game Setup Configuration Options as well as this, and we will continue to add more for Players to customise their game in future Updates.

Frag Limit (5 / 10 / 15 / 20)

You asked, we’ve provided! At present we’ve given the choice of 4 Frag Limits, but will possibly make this even more open to modification later. So if for some bizarre reason you really want a 13 Frag Limit, we might make that possible if enough people want it.

Death Walls (On / Off)

If a Round goes on for longer than 15 seconds, we trigger the Death Walls. This is to keep the action moving, and to stop Rounds becoming long, drawn out tactical affairs. Fragmental is all about fast paced action. However, if you really want to hide like a coward, this now means you can turn off the Death Walls and be a pussy to your hearts content.

Survival rounds (On / Off)

These are my personal favourite rounds in Fragmental. But if you really don’t like them – then I assume you are the kind of person who is crap at them – you can choose to turn them off. This would make me sad though, so don’t do it.

Modifiers (On / Off)

Modifiers are there to mix things up a bit. Who doesn’t like Infinite Ammo? Who doesn’t like Shields? Who doesn’t like Slow Motion? Who doesn’t like Reverse Runner… actually forget that, everybody swears at Reverse Runner. Anyway, if you want a really vanilla version of Fragmental, you can now turn these off.


Weapon Updates

Homing Launcher

Splash damage radius increased +100%.

Rocket Launcher

Splash damage radius reduced -20%.

Mine Launcher

Splash damage radius increased +100%.

Player can no longer trigger their own Mines.


Splash damage radius reduced -17%.


Can now be fired through teleporters.


So, that’s update 2 out of the way now, on to update 3. This next one is a biggie, with the first implementation of AI bots meaning you will finally be able to play Fragmental single player.

As ever, if anyone has any questions or suggestions about these Updates or the game in general, add them to the Steam Discussions board and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

With these updates, and the growing number of videos from Youtube and Twitch streamers, we’re beginning to see our player base grow. If you’re not yet one of them, head over to the Steam page and get onboard. The practise time you get will give you an advantage when we get to the update where we deliver the monster that is online play. It’s only a few more updates away…


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