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Technical Artist

Job Reference : RUFF – Art – TA17

We are looking for a Technical Artist to help us develop a major Xbox One title. A strong working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 is required. Experience using Blueprint, Cascade, material graph, animation graph, as well as lighting and post processing setup within UE4 would be especially beneficial. The candidate will also be required to advise and assist content creators toward authoring assets in as streamlined and optimal a way as possible. Previous console development experience and an appreciation for platform specific optimisation would be advantageous. You will be capable of delivering rapid solutions to artistic R&D requests and enjoy the support of working within a team of highly experienced rendering engineers and artists.


  • Research and Development of in-engine material, lighting and shader techniques to meet and exceed artistic vision.
  • Work closely with code and art teams to deliver working solutions for use by wider art content production.
  • An appreciation and sensitivity to working within constraints of a console development environment.
  • Be an effective part of a console development team in which performance and optimisation form a vital aspect of the creative workflow.


  • Industry experience is essential, preferably demonstrated through shipping console titles.

Essential Skills / Experience

  • Good knowledge of Unreal Engine 4, 3DSMax and Maya.
  • A good broad knowledge of rendering techniques, material and lighting systems.
  • Good communication and self management skills.
  • Ability to adapt and work within large & legacy code bases.


Ideally this would be an in house appointment at our Dundee office. That said we are open to discussing off-site working, which would be something we could offer to the right candidate. We currently have off-site work with key members of our team who are able to demonstrate that they are motivated self-starters, capable of organizing their time and attention effectively.

How To Apply

We prefer submissions by email with links to any work samples/portfolios you have available or attached with your application email.

Send your CV quoting the correct job reference to our HR Department.

If you are unable to email your CV or you want to include work samples that are too large for email then please mail your submission to:
Ann Revill
Ruffian Games
Unit 1 Vision Building
20 Greenmarket
Scotland DD1 4QB
I’m afraid we only accept applications from individuals and do not accept unsolicited correspondence from recruitment agencies.
We will get back to you within 7 days of receipt of your email.