Let’s do this!

Posted by on 11 Sep, 2015 in Prototype Team



We’ve been quiet at Ruffian for a while, we’ve had our heads down working on projects for our publishing partners, which is fantastic, we wouldn’t be here without them. The thing is, we still want to create our own games. There’s nothing better than being able to make instant decisions that could change the course of your game, because it’s your game, nobody else’s. That’s an incredibly empowering position to be in and we want you, the people out there, to play a part in a new game from its inception.

As some of you may remember, this isn’t our first rodeo. We had a go with Game of Glens a while back, but it didn’t really take off, and that’s something we’re still a little sad about, but it hasn’t killed our desire to create something new at Ruffian. We are all massive games players, and while some of us have been making games for 20 years now, we still have that unrelenting hunger to make a game that people love, and will remember fondly for the rest of their lives. That’s a big ask of any team, but if you don’t aim high then you might as well stop making games.

With all of this in mind, we recently created a new team at Ruffian, their sole purpose is to create gameplay prototypes that will be assessed by us and by you, until we find one that we believe in enough to take to full production and release. The first Ruffian owned IP released into the wild. Close your eyes… can you see it? I can, and it looks proper fuckin bo to me!

We already have a small team of experienced and creative guys working away on our first prototype, but we would really like to add some code support to that team. So, we’re looking for any talented coders out there to join us. We’re happy to hear from veterans of the industry as well as experienced devs and graduates too. If you’re interested take a look at our Careers page

As I said, we are already working on our first prototype, and we will be dedicating this page to giving you a regular inside view of our team’s progress. We’ll share the lot with you, warts and all. You’ll get to see us fail – hopefully not that often – and with your input, you can help us shape the game through organised playtests and rounds of feedback.


Keep an eye on our Twitter account, Facebook page and YouTube channel, as we’ll be using them to share updates on the prototype teams’ progress. Taking you through our first steps of the design process, into development of the prototype, internal playtest sessions, and our continued progress on the prototype.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this, and we’ll have some news for you soon.