Ruffian Games
Based in Dundee, Scotland, UK

Release date:
July 2010

Xbox 360


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OK, Agent, it's fair to say we split opinion between love and hate with Crackdown 2. We are immensely proud of what we achieved under the constraints of the project and it was ultimately a pretty successful title despite its flaws. So what happened? Well, one of the most endearing features of the original - co-operative play - was also one of its biggest flaws when it came to expanding upon its framework for a sequel. To get technical for a moment, the original Crackdown (most of the Ruffian team were Crackdown veterans) was limited by a "lockstep" two-player network model and so with Crackdown 2 we set out to replace that and create what we saw would be the first open world sandbox game that featured a seamless, drop-in drop-out four player co-operative and sixteen player multiplayer experience. Adding and expanding to the co-operative multiplayer aspect of the game is something that caused knock-on compromises for the campaign. Nevertheless Crackdown 2 was mostly well received and remains a title close to our hearts, we're very proud to have played our part in the franchise's history.


  • Four player drop-in/drop-out co-operative gameplay
  • Sixteen player competitive multiplayer
  • Immensely over-the-top explosive sandbox gameplay
  • New abilities, weapons and vehicles like the Wingsuit, Agency Helicopter and Buggy


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Selected Articles

  • "At its best, this is more than just the purest, most narcotic action game in the world – it's a cultural pinnacle."
    - Edge
  • "Crackdown 2 looks sharper, the action is fiercer and the increased number of players pays dividends."
    - Official Xbox Magazine
  • "Its seamless four-player co-op provides access to intoxicating multiplayer chaos"
    - Eurogamer

About Ruffian Games

Ruffian Games is an independent game developer based in Dundee, at the very heart of Scotland’s game development community. Our studio employs a team of highly experienced developers who have worked on titles spanning three decades of the games industry.

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